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SupraOracles partners with SuiNS to drive innovation in Web3 identity services

June 08, 2023 - 3 min read

SupraOracles is thrilled to reveal its partnership with SuiNS, a revolutionary naming service built on the Sui blockchain, designed to offer an open and distributed system accessible to all users. SuiNS introduced the .sui domain name extension, providing users with a unique and on-chain identity.

SuiNS’s focus on identity is rooted in its .sui names. These names serve as users’ identities, ranging from usernames to websites and beyond. By centralizing the attention on .sui names, SuiNS is committed to improving users’ convenience, freeing them from managing multiple usernames, struggling to remember complex passwords, and worrying about the safety of their assets. SuiNS’s integration with superior services, including wallets and NFT marketplaces, simplifies asset tracking, minimizing the likelihood of errors when entering complicated wallet addresses.

SuiNS’s two main products come with unique features to enhance the user experience and meet specific needs. Acquiring a .sui name allows everyday users to create a distinctive username and shape their web3 identity.

On the other hand, the .move name plays a vital role in the Object Naming Service, allowing developers and entities to assign unique names to their digital assets on the Sui blockchain. It replaces complex object identifiers with user-friendly .move names, making locating and identifying objects easier.

SupraOracles will assist SuiNS by providing reliable data feeds, ensuring information accuracy and real-time availability. As a decentralized oracle network, SupraOracles offers data verification and validation through multiple nodes, enhancing the security and trustworthiness of the data. Through this partnership, SupraOracles can facilitate interoperability by connecting SuiNS with external blockchain networks, expanding its capabilities. By leveraging SupraOracles’ services, SuiNS can benefit from secure data, improved functionality, and increased reliability.

Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of SupraOracles, commented:

SuiNS strives to achieve its goal of developing a fair and distributed name service that not only grants equal access to all users but also provides a unique and personalized experience. As a partner in this endeavor, we aim to contribute to their efforts in revolutionizing Web3’s identity services, ensuring universal access and delivering a distinctive user experience for every individual.

Sean Cali, CEO and Co-founder of SuiNS, commented:

“It’s our pleasure to partner with the amazing team at SupraOracles. Their multi-chain Oracle technology is truly game-changing and one we hope to get advantage of for our service.

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles bridges the gap between traditional financial markets and the Web3 world. Their goal is to empower the developer community by offering a robust cross-chain oracle. SupraOracles connects real-world data to public and private chains, empowering interoperable smart contracts that secure financial markets’ future.

It also provides developers with a toolkit for developing, deploying, and managing data applications with greater performance, agility, and robustness.

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About SuiNS

SuiNS is an open and distributed naming service built on the Sui blockchain. It aims to provide users with a unique on-chain identity through its flagship product, the .sui domain name extension. SuiNS strives to create a fair and inclusive naming system that offers equal access to all users and delivers a personalized experience.

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