Better security.
Better speed.
Better finality.
It’s about time.

Our game-changing innovation radically improves Oracles and thereby your smart contracts.

Blockchain is here to stay. As more businesses and projects start to embrace decentralization, the need for fast, secure and reliable off-chain data through oracles is crucial to providing useful features and widespread adoption. From DeFi to the metaverse, almost every digital project will need to be connected to other data sources. That’s where we come in.

Our solution provides cross-chain interoperability, 3-5 second finality, and cutting edge cryptography—all backed by thousands of hours of R&D and simulations. Welcome to the next generation of oracles.

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Programs & Accelerators

SupraOracles has earned recognition and credibility by qualifying for notable accelerators and incubator programs, raising $1M in awards, grants, and credits alone.

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