Price Feeds

This guide explains how to use Supra price feeds in smart contracts with detailed technical information, and it is expected to evolve as we rollout new updates.
Oracle price feeds serve as a way to provide reliable and accurate real-world data on a blockchain. Supra currently offers price feeds of crypto asset pairs and plans to expand into other data feeds such as forex, equity, weather, NFT floor prices etc.
Distributed Oracle Agreement (DORA) protocol
Supra’s distributed oracle solution, DORA, brings consensus algorithms to the oracle space. provides representative value price data (S-value) that aggregates from up to 21 data sources with Byzantine Fault Tolerant algorithms. Every node obtains data from multiple data sources and computes a median of the set of values obtained from its assigned sources (randomly assigned and resampled via Supra Verifiable Random Function). Then, SupraOracles’ calculation methodology applies a coherent cluster technique, which ensures that different nodes’ median values are within an agreement distance before computing the arithmetic mean (proposed S-value) to be signed by all nodes in the network. Eventually DORA will be implemented across all networks supra price feeds are live. Our teams are working hard to upgrade the Supra price feeds rapidly, however none of the changes we implement will impact your usage data requests. You may continue to use functionality offered without worrying about upgrades to supra smart contracts.