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At SupraOracles, we know that blockchain technology is the key to revolutionizing the future of financial systems, human coordination, and self-governance. Blockchain offers a completely new paradigm of how to manage, store, fortify and build wealth by digitizing value. A globally shared distributed ledger can begin to replace rent-seeking intermediaries like banks and other institutions providing an order of magnitude more efficient solution than traditional banking.

We are building SupraOracles to expand the range of possibilities of what can be achieved with blockchain networks and smart contracts, and we’re here to make a ruckus as we begin to build a community that’s passionate about designing and programming the financial infrastructure of the future. We’re here to ask, “What if…”

To all of our developers and future entrepreneurs:

What if you can help the 1.7 billion unbanked around the globe with just one app?

What if a mobile game you dream up helps to create extra side-income for your neighbors in developing countries alleviating some of their financial burden?

What if you can help mitigate food waste with the use of IoT and blockchain to streamline supply chains thereby helping to lessen the fact that 100s of Million people around the world go to bed hungry each night?

What if blockchain tech can break the status quo of what society has told you are the rules of the game? That you’re actually not bound by your country, whether it be by politics or currency…

What if everyday, average people are able to generate greater yields per year than in any other bank around the world?

What if your financial position or ability to earn was not so closely tied to your class or education?

What if… blockchain contains the seed to change almost everything?

At SupraOracles, we’re here to help the bold and creative entrepreneurs and designers create the future of finance. If you agree with our thesis and want to join this movement, we urge you to participate in building the foundations of this change alongside us.


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