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Supra Insights Vol 6. – Good Morning Vietnam!

August for SupraOracles has been a whirlwind of incredible activity. Have you ever gone to an amusement park and shown up on a day when there were no lines? That’s what August felt like for us at SupraOracles: everything has fallen into place...

Supra Insights Vol. 3 – May the Force Be with Us!

Ecosystem GTM Traction & Polygon Grant We have been in talks with the Polygon team about bringing our oracle solution to their network for some time now. Yesterday, we were awarded a grant to build APIs for data requests. The team at Polygon has...

Supra Insights Vol. 1 – Hello World!

What If … Blockchain Actually Lives Up… To The Hype?  At SupraOracles, we know that blockchain technology is the key to revolutionizing the future of financial systems,  human coordination, and self-governance. Blockchain offers a...


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